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Car crash games are an exhilarating form of online gaming that combines the thrill of high-speed car racing with the excitement of multiplying your winnings in a single round. In “When Moon Bro”, all players are presented with a galactic car travelling to the moon. Our car crash game “When Moon Bro” is centered around the anticipation of when a round will come to an end. This game features a multiplier that starts at 1x and progressively accelerates. Players are given the opportunity to cash out their bets at any moment before the crash takes place. Caution is advised as waiting too long can result in losing the placed bet if the multiplier crashes.

How to place a bet at When Moon Bro?

You have full control over setting your bet amount through our user-friendly options. Utilize the “Min” and “Max” buttons to tailor your bet according to your available funds. For further flexibility, our additional features allow you to halve or double your bet with ease. Simply select “Bet Next Round” or “Bet” to initiate the round.

The key challenge lies in determining the optimal timing to cash out. By cashing out early, you guarantee yourself smaller but assured winnings. However, if you choose to wait, you have the chance to benefit from a higher multiplier and potentially earn more significant payouts. As the multiplier increases, so does the risk of losing everything.

  • Place your bet and await the start of the next round;

  • Observe the multiplier as it progressively grows, assessing the optimal moment to cash out;

  • Cash out and secure your winnings before the galactic car crashes.

By carefully strategizing your cashout decision, you can maximize your potential rewards while considering the associated risks. It is a captivating experience that requires both intuition and calculated judgment.

What does a round of When Moon Bro look like?

The excitement builds as the race begins, with the galactic car speeding to the moon. As the round progresses, the multiplier increases, creating higher payout opportunities for players waiting for the right moment to place their bets before the inevitable crash occurs.

The multiplier value starts at 1x and introduces an element of risk versus reward, as players must weigh the potential winnings against the increasing likelihood of a crash. The higher the multiplier, the greater the potential payout, but the risk of losing everything also intensifies.

The outcome of “When Moon Bro” (and most car crash games) is determined by a random number generator algorithm, ensuring fair and unbiased results. Each car crash is truly unpredictable. If you manage to cash out prior to the crash, your original bet will be multiplied by the value of the multiplier at the moment you cashed out.

Car crash games such as “When Moon Bro” show realistic graphics and sound effects. The high-quality visuals and car physics make players feel like they are in the middle of a thrilling race to the moon, heightening the overall excitement.

Car crash games also offer various betting options, allowing players to choose their bet amount and potential payout. At some point, we might even include additional features, such as the ability to customize the galactic car or unlock new tracks and environments.

What is the Auto Cashout feature?

At Moonspin, our car crash game “When Moon Bro” introduces a helpful feature called “Auto Cashout”, allowing players to predefine a specific multiplier at which they prefer to automatically cash out and claim their winnings.

For instance, if you set the “Auto Cashout” feature at 2, your winnings will be automatically credited as soon as the multiplier reaches 2x. This convenient functionality empowers players with greater control over their gaming strategy while minimizing the risk of missing out on potential rewards.

You will find details regarding the max bet limits bet limit for each cryptocurrency and the max payouts you can expect by simply clicking on the information icon next to the “Bet Amount”.

It is important for players to approach car crash games responsibly. While these games provide an engaging gameplay experience with enhanced flexibility and transparency, they are based on pure chance. As a consequence, it is crucial to gamble within one’s means.

Our car crash game “When Moon Bro” offers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience that is sure to captivate players looking for an innovative and exciting form of online gaming.

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