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Limbo is an exhilarating and fast-paced rocket game that has gained popularity at online casinos, and not only. With its intuitive gameplay, stunning visuals, and potential for significant rewards, Limbo has quickly become a favorite among online players. It provides a dynamic and entertaining gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

What is Limbo game?

Limbo is a rocket game that combines of risk assessment and anticipation. In other words, you need to find the right balance between risk and reward. It provides an immersive experience for players who enjoy the thrill of predicting target multipliers and chasing big wins.

The target multiplier adds a goal to strive for, making each round full of anticipation. While aiming for a higher target multiplier can lead to greater winnings, it also increases the risk of losing before reaching the desired multiplier. It requires careful decision-making to maximize your chances of success.

What is the target multiplier in Limbo?

In Limbo, the objective is to predict whether the multiplier will reach or exceed a predetermined target value before crashing. At the beginning of each round, the multiplier starts at 1x (base value), and begins to increase gradually.

In crash games, players must decide when to cash out and secure their winnings before it crashes as the multiplier rises. However, in Limbo, the target multiplier adds an extra layer of excitement.

The target multiplier is a specific value that players need to input manually and aim to reach before the crash. If players successfully reach or exceed the target multiplier before the rocket crashes, they win according to the payout structure.

How to play our Limbo game?

To play Limbo, you need to place your bet and choose your desired target multiplier. Moonspin gives you the flexibility to set your desired bet amount. Use the “Min” and “Max” buttons to adjust your bet according to your available funds.

You may take advantage of our user-friendly features allowing you to halve or double your wager. At the beginning of each round, players have the option to select their target multiplier (25x by default). Initiating a new round is as simple as clicking on the “Bet” button.

If the space rocket reaches or exceeds the target multiplier, players secure the corresponding winnings based on the multiplier they chose.

Select your bet amount and set a target multiplier;

Click on “Bet” and wait for the next round to start;

Pray for the space rocket to reach your target multiplier before it crashes.

For instance, let us say that you set your target multiplier to 2x. In that case, your winnings will be instantly credited as soon as the space rocket reached that threshold. In the opposite case, your bet is lost.

Setting a target multiplier allows you to fine-tune your gaming approach while ensuring you never miss out on potential rewards. For extra information on maximum bet limits for cryptocurrencies and payouts, click on the information icon next to the “Bet Amount”.

How to use the “Auto” features in Limbo?

Thanks to our customizable features designed to enhance your gameplay, you have the freedom to select the number of bets you wish to place, allowing you to tailor your strategy to your preferences. We have also taken it a step further by introducing the option to increase your bet amount by a certain percentage upon a win or loss.

This unique feature allows you to adapt your betting strategy dynamically. You can seize the opportunity to amplify your winnings if luck is on your side. If you encounter a loss, you have the flexibility to adjust your bet accordingly.

If you ever feel the need to start fresh, our “Reset” option allows you to reset your bet amount to its initial value. It is perfect for those who prefer to recalibrate their strategy.

We understand the importance of protecting your bankroll. That is why we have incorporated the ability to set a stop limit based on profit or loss. By defining your desired profit or loss amount, you can automatically halt the betting session when your goal is achieved.

With these features at your fingertips, our brand-new Limbo game offers endless possibilities for thrilling gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the world of online casinos, Limbo offers a captivating and rewarding gaming experience. Good luck and may your rocket soar high with winnings!

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