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Crash game is a thrilling and popular form of online gaming you can find at our online casino. This game offers players an exciting and fast-paced experience where they can potentially multiply their winnings in a very short amount of time. The concept of our Crash game revolves around predicting when a round will crash. In this game, a multiplier starts at a 1x value, and begins to increase rapidly. Players are given the option to cash out at any time before the crash occurs. However, if they wait too long and the multiplier crashes, they lose the bet they have placed.

How to place a bet at Crash game?

First of all, you need to manually set the amount of your bet by using our very helpful features. You use the “Min” and “Max” buttons to determine the amount of your bet based on your available funds. Additionally, you can halve or double the amount of your bet by using the ad hoc features.

Simply click on “Bet Next Round” or “Bet” to initiate the round. The challenge lies in determining the optimal time to cash out. If you cash out early, you secure smaller, but guaranteed winnings. Waiting longer can result in a higher multiplier and more substantial payouts. The risk of losing everything increases as the multiplier grows, though.

  • Place a bet and wait for the next round to start;

  • Watch the multiplier increase before deciding whether to cash out;

  • Cash out and secure your winnings before the multiplier crashes.

What does a round of Crash game look like?

The multiplier starts at 1x and keeps increasing until it crashes. If you cash out before the multiplier (also referred to as “lucky dot”) crashes, your winnings will be calculated in accordance with the multiplier. In other words, the bet you initially placed will be multiplied by the multiplier value at the moment you cashed out (= your payout).

The multiplier adds an extra layer of excitement. In Crash games, it creates a sense of anticipation as players watch the multiplier climb higher and higher, deciding whether to cash out or riskily wait for a potentially more significant payout.

The crash is determined by an algorithm that calculates the timing of the round. This algorithm ensures that the game is not rigged, providing players with a genuine chance to win. Since there is no skill involved in predicting the crash point, the outcome of each round is based on pure luck. Your bet is lost if you do not cash out before the multiplier crash occurs.

What is the Auto Cashout feature?

Crash games offer a variety of betting options, allowing players to choose their bet amount and potential payout. At Moonspin, our Crash game features an “Auto Cashout” function, where players can set a predetermined multiplier at which they wish to cash out automatically and collect their winnings.

For example, if you set the “Auto Cashout” function at 2, you will automatically collect your winnings as soon as the multiplier value reaches 2x, prompting the end of your round. This user-friendly feature gives players more control over their gameplay strategy and reduces the risk of missing out on potential winnings.

By clicking on the information icon next to the “Bet Amount”, you will be able to view the maximum bet you can place with each cryptocurrency and the maximum payout you may expect.

Try out our Crash game now!

One of the advantages of Crash games is their accessibility. They are very easy to understand and require no extensive knowledge or experience. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the thrill of these games and have a genuine chance to win.

In addition to the adrenaline rush and potential for big wins, the Crash games we offer at Moonspin.us come with vibrant graphics, animations, and sound effects that will enhance your overall gaming experience. The visual and auditory elements create an immersive environment that keeps players engaged and entertained.

It is important for players to approach Crash games with responsible gaming practices, though. While they offer the opportunity for substantial winnings, it is crucial to set limits, stick to a budget, and never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Crash games are a thrilling addition to casinos. They provide an exhilarating experience where players can test their luck, make split-second decisions, and potentially multiply their winnings. With their extreme simplicity, Crash games have become a primary choice among many online bettors seeking an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

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